Sunday Writing Prompt “Dear Diary”

Reena Saxena

I woke up with a heaviness in my head today. It was an uneasy night, with varied objects flying at and around me – DeBono’s  colored hats, different kinds of grids, theories, beliefs, suspicions, half-conclusions – all mocking at my inability to accommodate them with due respect.

The equipment that I own looks something like this, and it is grossly inadequate

I need a filing cabinet , and space is not an issue. It should be flexible enough to hold diversity, accessible enough to return items on demand, spongy enough to absorb new streams and durable enough to last for a lifetime. It should allow fungibility for inter-spatial movement, and well-structured launchpads to catapult an integrated product. The brain is performing all these functions, with not-so-satisfactory results and constantly asking for re-engineering.

Does my fantasy look something like this?

The co-ordinated movement is a myth, a fantasy. I have been…

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