You Can’t Be a Beacon If Your Light Don’t Shine – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


The news has changed. Sure, we are overwhelmed by statistics, infection rates, death counts, and updated stay-at-home orders. And there are still the non-rush hour, rush hour traffic reports followed by the weather forecast. But the tone and focus of the remaining newscasts have a subtle difference. There is more banter between the on-set anchors and those working from their home offices. The viewers have been granted glimpses of children’s toys strewn under their desks, camera stealing felines and the unexpected normal interruptions of home life.

Broadcasts have featured Rockhopper penguins touring the shuttered Shedd Aquarium to visit the exhibits and sharing their explorations on Facebook. They have treated us to Batesburg-Leesville S.C. police officers live-streaming as they read books to kids. At the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, orthopedic Drs. Elvis L. Francois and William Robinson sing and play piano, respectively, after the completion of their shifts. Their most recent rendition…

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