What’s your #NewSelfie or… What did you do in the #lockdown? #humor #coronavirus

Barb Taub

The #NewSelfie Challenge

My friend Janine is worried. She can’t go to work, she can’t go to the contra and square dances where she’s famous as a caller, she can’t travel to see me… All that’s left is the one thing she’s put off for 30 years: finish moving into the place she’s been listing as her home address for three decades. The virus won’t get her, but having to go through the contents of her guest room just might.

She’s not alone. All over the world, we’re sheltering-in-place, and trying to figure out what to do there. My brother is streaming Zoom sessions for his children’s classmates covering everything from how to draw Disney characters to basic computer programming. My niece says she’s catching up with friends and family during online happy hours. My techie daughter is in geek heaven, working from home with minimal human interruptions (and there…

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