This is me, being positive…


Thinking, is it ever a good thing to do…

I have been told that thinking is a dangerous thing to do at my age.  It is possibly a dangerous thing to do at any age, if you think about it, for who knows where it may lead?

But I quite like thinking, and all the things that trigger it off. Like books and pictures for instance. What I could do with is some method of retaining said thoughts, as they usually evaporate like so much smoke, never to be seen again. I make notes on everything in a vain hope of remembering all the good stuff, and it works some of the time.

Then I am told ‘what do you expect, at your age?

But this is the difficult part. My mind does not feel old, even though it seems to have more holes in it than my favourite cheese, and when I see or read something that stirs my imagination, I am back in my prime, having a sneaky feeling that this is not all there is for me.

Sometimes I must admit that I really don’t want any more, I am too tired to even consider the possibility. But then there are the other days– days when you forget just how old, and how stiff you are and that you find it difficult just going to the shops and back.
Days when you choose to ignore the sands of time slipping through your fingers and find yourself considering the most amazing possibilities.

Of course, this may be what happens as you approach old age. I don’t know, I have no experience or knowledge of it, not having done it before.

But if you can think, you can dream. And if you can dream I believe you can do anything… at any age!

©Jaye Marie 2020

33 thoughts on “This is me, being positive…

  1. Though they say age is just a number, (and numbers not being my strong point,) I like to think about it as a state of mind. Which I am pretty sure, at my age is what makes it all that much scarier! But trudge on we must, and I for one am going to let numbers, nor aging states of mind rob me of this life’s adventure! Forward sisters of the pen!

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  2. I hate admitting I’m an ‘octo…….’ see I don’t even want to finish the word, but it can’t be denied. But I haven’t a croaky voice (yet), can still touch my toes, don’t keep talking about doctors and operations, have several…of my own teeth! Still keep a monthly blog: Keep a daily diary – written after re-assembling self in the morning, and am s l o w l y writing my eighth book. Onwards and upwards. Cheers! x

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  3. To the person who said, that thinking is a dangerous thing to do at your age’, I say … come back and talk to us when you’ve got a few more decades up your sleeve … and secondly, (insert lots of derogatory swear-words here) off!

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  4. I enjoyed your heartfelt thoughts on age – although my
    Mind is wondering how you define thinking and how you define older age.

    Thinking sometimes
    Need to be wrought in – ideas and thoughts brought captive ((and in counseling we sometimes have folks who vent too much and need to learn thought stopping and boundaries – some are in the unhelpful habit of venting too much whereas others might not think enough in a different mode)
    And then you say that someone said “at your age” but you start the post with the same confining label – asking if it is dangerous or your age?

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  5. I’m in the Older age bracket, too. The problem is, that I, too, have difficulty getting up in the morning, owing to a bad back. But it does improve during the day as I loosen up. But that doesn’t affect my Mind.
    I once read ‘The tragedy of old age is not that people get old, but that they don’t ‘

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  6. Thinking is the most wonderful thing in the world! And thanks to the internet, our thoughts can wing their way across the world and back again, no matter how creaky our bones may be. The ‘at your age’ person has already started to atrophy. Dream on!

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