Seriously, I woke up thinking indifferent
Actually, I’m up, but sinking. I can’t sway
Maybe… all goes and I’m so inconsistent
Perhaps… the time is the wall on my way

I’ll not say: ‘everything was or is banality’
No surprises, but, “I always wanted more”
This mere exaggeration, that pure reality
Peace or War, are my narration, my chore

Blunt: “RSTUV” is no metaphor! – “I won’t”
– Ask for open door, it is like looking back
– Lie on any word, or hold a counterattack
– Steal your time, for “I stole enough slack”

So much has been accumulated in one life
Yes, I was missing the room for me to hide
Gradually, I found myself with (no way out)
Losing the void is like impoverishing doubt

I’ll own it… not to betray or ignore the truth
Oh I’ll miss it… the poison seed to…

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