#Writephoto ~ Offering #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Offering #writephoto


The Offering: painting and photo © Sue Vincent at scvincent.com


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a female figure, translucent and rainbow coloured, emerging from mist in which many shapes move. She is holding a bowl. Before her are strange blue pinnacles… which could be close or distant, spires, ice or… something else…


I let the iridescent colours flood my mind as I watched

this ethereal woman holding a bowl towards me

When she spoke, I felt electricity run through my veins

A warm caress of something strange

Half remembered, yet with no name

Had I stood on this same spot before?

Why is she holding the bowl towards me?

That I remember filling in my teens

Long forgotten now

Am I being given another chance to fill the bowl?

With the right things.

Thoughts, desires for the life ahead?

I stood there thinking, be careful what you wish for

A warning flashing like a neon light inside my head

So I asked that the bowl contain

Gratitude for all I have and all I shall receive…


17 thoughts on “#Writephoto ~ Offering #Poetry

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  2. That’s such a lovely thought, Anita. My bowl is filled to overflowing and I need another…Aren’t we the lucky ones to even have bowls to fill.. Let’s make lots of noise in the roaring 2020s! A very healthy and successful New Year to you both. Hugs xx

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