Christmas Past…



Image by Jaye Marie


We have always been a family that goes all out for Christmas. It was always a very special occasion for all of us.

Right back when the children were small, our living room would be transformed into a magical fairy land.

We were never well off and for most of the year, life was tough but one way or another, the stops would be pulled way out at Christmas.

Our tree and the decorations were legendary, and the ceiling would literally be covered in crystal droplets, stars and tinsel garlands.

One year, we had the opportunity to move to a new house on Christmas Eve, so we packed everything away and reinstalled it all in the new place. It took all night, but that Christmas was very special.


My own childhood was dismal, I don’t remember celebrating any Christmas or birthdays, so I became obsessed with making up for it when I grew up.

We have always tried to come up with a different theme every year and have had trees of every colour and size. Once we even had an upside-down tree!


image by Jaye Marie


Christmas Present


Sadly, this year is going to be different. The family are all grown up and some are married with their own families, so we won’t be spending Christmas Day together for the very first time.

We will, however, be celebrating with them on Boxing Day instead.

Time moves on, we are getting seriously old and beginning to feel a little bit left behind. The thought of Christmas future is out of focus, a distant dream that may simply fade away…







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