Ani’s Advent 2019! Simple things… and a letter from Anita and Jaye

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Hey Santa!

Well, the countdown is on now and I still have loads of Christmas letters to share! It is lovely how many friends have got in touch, both four-legses and two, to stop me having to wear those horrid antlers this year!

And it doesn’t take much… just a Christmas wish, a letter…anything to say that friends are thinking of me.

Considering I was never really what you’d call a cat lover…or at least, not in the way most two-legses would approve of, it is surprising how many cats have gathered round too. And that has taught me something. It isn’t how many legs or whether you bury bones or climb trees that matters. And it’s not how big or small you are… just how big your heart is.

I had a letter the other year from a cat called Merlin who looks after Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie…

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