Using Trial and Error to Discover Your Destiny – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Every year approximately 130 million miracles occur. Each bundle of joy arrives brimming with promise, unlimited possibilities, and untold ways to affect the world. Certain individuals maintain we are born wired with a purpose, a singular destiny that is ours alone to fulfill. While some people insist that they connected with their life’s mission at an early age, I have yet to meet any. Most of us flounder, waiting for a lightning strike, hoping, praying for an epiphany. Meanwhile, daily activities consume our waking hours, and cannot provide the sense of accomplishment we seek. Something seems wrong.

Answers seldom drop from the clear blue sky into our lap. Nothing comes without effort. I believe you become what you do, what you consciously practice.  By living, your passion finds you. How can we know our true calling until we experiment?  Select an area that sparks your enthusiasm, a task which you imagine…

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