Our Journey #poetry #prose

tales told different

what do you seephoto prompt by Sadje

Silence. A dead silence that speaks,
and whispers of dread and dismay

We knew there’d be dark days on our journey
but not like this; this we did not see,
did not foretell

Yet here we are, rowing through a carvenous doom
threatened by stalactites-and-mites
sharp and poised to impel the slightest mistake

We knew our journey to a lasting love would be tested

But not here in this place,
blue with disguise
aglow with treacherous beauty
calm with still eerie waters

I stroke with caution yet regret ripples carelessly through this pool of memory.
Distorting and revealing reflections of past failure

The slosh as I row echoes danger,
bouncing with ill omens,
oscillating a lover’s fears
A fear of committment,
a fear of heart’s surrender

But on we row,
on we stroke,
on we slosh,

taking solace in being by each…

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