Thursday photo prompt: Chill #writephoto


Welcome to Sue Vincent’s weekly Photo Prompt challenge:

For visually challenged writers, theimage shows a landscape wearing a light dusting of snow. From the hill, where skeletal heather and brown grasses pierce the snow, a valley spreads out below, lit by the rays of a pale sun.

The land was cold and barren, save for some diehard vegetation that had adapted to survive and sent out wiry creepers both above and below the surface.
Once in a while dark turned to blue, shadows merged and the landscape was cast in an eerie light. Pillars of yellow rose from the depths, reaching skywards to call to the sun, but were thwarted by a solid impenetrable veil parallel to the horizon.
The sun had forgotten this place. Chilled forever, ice and snow remained all year, but then time meant nothing here anymore.

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