Jaye’s Journal ~Week 45


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I have been so busy all year, writing (re-writing) and editing (and more editing) my latest detective thriller, Silent PayBack. Then there was the amazing book launch last month and some amazing reviews which totally blew me away, and it took some time for my brain to settle down again.

The past few days, finally being alone with my thoughts, so to speak, I have suddenly realised that the year is nearly over. In a few short weeks, it will be Christmas and then (and this doesn’t bear thinking about) it will be 2020.


Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

I can’t help hoping that it will be a very special year, a new era for us all, maybe?

I had thought that I could take it a bit easier next year and not make any definite plans, preferring to wait and see, but my brain obviously didn’t get that memo and is busy having a field day, trying out different ideas on for size, in theory at least. So, one way or another, things have been creeping up on me.

Anita has a new book coming out, so I will be involved with all the editorial and promotional stuff for that, and we also plan to publish some of her wonderful poems.  (More news and images to follow!)  I have had no ideas for my next book, although the thought of a Christmas murder mystery appealed to me the other day.

I also want to learn how to use PowerPoint, and finally, get to grips with Scrivener. I have always been a loyal Word fan, but since I updated it earlier this year, it’s not the same anymore and everyone seems to wax lyrical on how helpful Scrivener is for a writer, so it might be time to bite that bullet, just to see if they are right!

There are a few family things that will be changing around me too, and I’m not quite sure whether to be terrified or not. Change doesn’t usually bother me though, good or bad, they usually just need some minor adjusting, but I have the feeling some of these changes will be serious and far-reaching…


Thank you so much for reading my Journal, and please leave a comment or two!

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12 thoughts on “Jaye’s Journal ~Week 45

  1. You have a lot on your plate, Jaye, and some family changes that sound like they’ll require some of your thought and energy. Enjoy the rest of the year and attempt to relax during the hectic holidays. Have a lovely weekend.

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  2. The ‘family changes’ thing sounds somewhat ominous, look after yourself first, eh? 🙂

    The thing with Scrivener is, after a brief perusal of the main functions, to start out treating it like a basic program where you open a new document and start writing. Then investigate the features as you find you need them.
    Also, start with a ‘throwaway’ piece that you’re not yet emotionally invested in. I started out with a huge complex concept that I was highly invested in, and had conniptions whenever I contemplated trying a new feature in case I screwed the whole thing up.

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