How to Write A Book Blurb Part 2

Tara Sparling writes

Who out there remembers last week? I mean, it was ages ago, right? So long ago, that things and events happened in the meantime, and we’re all seven days older.

But I digress. Which is, if you recall, EXACTLY what I said last week you shouldn’t do in your blurb. In fact, it’s Cardinal Rule #1 of Blurbing. And you didn’t even remember that! Stilll, I’m not one to point the finger. Or maybe I am. But that’s not the point. Which is the whole point of the blurb, I keep telling you.

Anyhoo, last time round, we looked at romantic fiction and thrillers. This week, in revisiting this series, we’re in for a dose of crime, history, and good ol’ science fiction or fantasy.

So back to our key questions of blurbing: how do you blurb? What rules can successful blurbs teach us? And how can we break…

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