A Kindred Spirit: Thursday Photo Prompt

Help from Heaven

From Sue Vincent”s Daily Echo

As I stumbled in the snow, trying to find my way back to the car, I chanced upon a large male deer with a beautiful rack of antlers. He appeared first as a specter in the snow, and I was afraid.

But, as my eyes adjusted, I saw him looking right at me, not moving aggressively, but just standing still. I realized that he was as scared of me as I was of him. I stopped, as well, attempting to reassure him that he had nothing to fear from me.

I said, “Big guy, I just want to get to the warmth of my car and get safely home. I am not a danger to you!” I believe he understood me, for he continued to stand and commune with me. I had to wonder what I must have looked like to him, in a loud…

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