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A comment made by Beetley Pete on the ‘Englishness’ of my short storyThe Noise Effect made me smile.  I replied that I am English, and therefore in fact do not know of any other way to write.

This got me thinking:  Would I sell more stories if I wrote in a more Americanised way?  Do people prefer to read about sidewalks, trucks and apartments rather than pavements, lorries and flats?  For me to write in that way would feel very strange indeed.  However, I have heard that some publishers do alter manuscripts to make them sound more American.

Would I like ‘The Noise Effect’ to be altered to be made more American? Could it be altered? I’d be interested to find out how the description would read if one of my American friends would like to translate it, as I have no idea what the US…

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2 thoughts on “Americanisation

  1. I have never considered this before. I have to admit when I am reading English literature that is not in American English I am sometimes stumped by certain phrases. For example I just read ICE (translated) and many of the phrases made no sense. I am just learning what knackered means. So interesting.

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