Country Life Isn’t What it Used to Be…

Stevie Turner

We moved to Suffolk in January 1991.  We had always wanted to get away from town life in London and live in the countryside. When a new job opportunity near Norwich arose for Sam, we made the move to a village near Bury St. Edmunds.  We loved being surrounded by arable fields, and our boys were always excited to watch the combine harvesters and tractors at work.

Nearly 30 years on from that happy day, there’s an unwelcome change I see every day as I drive the 12 miles home from work.  To get home I usually take the scenic back route from Bury town centre past fields of crops, and have always taken delight in the changing seasons while watching the fields being ploughed and drilled, and then the crops being harvested.  I know the change had to happen, but it’s happening too fast…

Hundreds of houses are going…

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