Iain Kelly

He watched the black mass moving through the dawn sky. Backlit by the sun’s orange-yellow glow, the sweeping and swooping birds danced in uniformity. It was, he mused, a stunning example of the beauty that could be found in the world.

But not for him. For him, beauty in life had ended. There was only the thought of the painful days that lay ahead. He was alone now, with only his memories of her rattling around in his mind. And soon, he knew, those memories would disappear too, drifting out of his reach. The thought of continuing as his world slipped away was too much.

He took one last fond view over the fields. He would join her now, before he forgot who he was. Before he forgot her.

Keris watched the murmuration from her bedroom window. It was a magical sight, the sort of event that made her miss…

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