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I touched the sky and found it haunted

A million souls held my hand

My mind raced through their lifetimes

The sad, the lonely, stuck between worlds

The minds of great philosophers

When I retract my hand

Will my mind retain their thoughts?

There is one above all that haunts me

Da Vinci, pleading for more life

I have more to give

His words echo in my heart

I wanted to tell him that life

Is right there waiting

to bite you in the arse

Like a junk yard dog…


7 thoughts on “Haunted…

  1. I always feel sorry for the dog. Anyway, the thought of DeVinci wanting more life only to be handed a bite on the arse from a junkyard dog left a smile on my face. (I know, I know it should be more morose than that but it just struck me as very typical) Well done.

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