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Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

Hi, everyone. Jim Webster has two more new novellas coming out and I offered to help spread the word. This post is part of “The Gentlemen Behaving Badly Blog Tour.”

Jim shares that both novellas are the usual format containing just over twenty short stories featuring Tallis Steelyard.The stories do have a theme as they are all tales of gentlemen behaving badly! I can only imagine what’s inside those pages!

For my readers, Jim has written a story to whet your appetite for more of his writing. Please enjoy.

Every last penny

There is a time and a place for
household economy. There have been times when I had so little money that I knew
each sadly debased copper coin personally. I was familiar with their little
foibles, the scars that a long lifetime of close proximity to other coins had
left on their surfaces. Indeed the well-worn faces of…

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