#Writephoto ~ Castle

Thursday photo prompt: Castle #writephoto



Image by scvincent.com




Blue purple clouds above the castle dark

My body lying in the silver water below

My soul trapped within black castle walls

I wait, a ghost you cannot see.

The chains that held me,

hang against damp walls

My tormentors long gone, a forgotten time

Damp walls pulse with remembered pain

There are few visitors to this dark place

They never come twice

Strange feelings creep into the skin

They carry them away for a few weeks

My hope is one visitor will see me

Hear my whispered voice

They can read about my plight

In a paperback novel.

I need someone sensitive

to the horrors of this place

to feel my presence

lay flowers on the silver waters outside

reunite soul and body, help me move on

to pray for the ghost, they cannot see…

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  3. Tragically beautiful Anita. I’ve tweeted in case you don’t see it, sadly, 75% blogs I read,. the tweet button doesn’t work and I had to share with an extension. 🙂

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