Trusty John: Gallows…

France & Vincent


…The following morning Trusty John was condemned to be hanged.

As he stood on the gallows he said, “Everyone doomed to die by execution has the right to utter their last words, do I too have that privilege?”

“Yes,” said the King, “that privilege shall be granted to you.”

So Trusty John began his tale, “I am unjustly condemned, for I have always been faithful to you,” and he then proceeded to relate how whilst aboard the ship he had heard the prophecy of the three ravens’ and how everything he had done when once they had put back to shore was to counter that prophecy and save his master.

The king cried: “Oh! My most trusty John, pardon! pardon!” and immediately ordered his most faithful servant taken down and saved from the gallows.

But as he uttered the last word Trusty John had fallen lifeless to the ground…

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