Where once we knew



Where once we knew.
Each others thoughts
Finished a sentance.
There were no walls.

Best friends forever.
Now, not so sure.
We snap at each other.
Once, we did not.

Anger seem to rule.
Words come out wrong.
Hurting each other.
To mend never easy.

Your mind elsewhere.
You answer on auto pilot.
Saying the right thing.
Yet, never really here.

With others it’s different.
Your laughter contagious.
With topics of interest.
You are there, present.

When I talk to you,
you don’t look at me.
You hear. You reply.
In an absentminded way.

When did we stop talking?
Or thoughts straying away.
Feeling lost and lonely.
The gap, a chasm now.

By C.E. Pereira

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