The Other Love (in my life) part two



As I am not able to do much about anything bonsai this week, owing to being in the uneven and weird world of having one good eye and one that is frankly rubbish, I thought I would share the other part of bonsai that I love.

And this is watching someone else create a beautiful bonsai.

This video is from Graham W Potter and I must have watched him work so many times. To say he has been a constant source of inspiration would be an understatement!

While we are looking at an expert, I have remembered something I want to do next week, once the restriction on bending over is lifted. My neighbour has a sapling oak tree that is growing up against a wall in the front garden, and when I heard that she would be removing it and would likely kill it, I volunteered to rescue it. It has been there some years now, kept small by all the constant pruning and from what I can see, has developed a good trunk.

I will have my camera handy and will document the rescue somehow…

AAA (2).png




5 thoughts on “The Other Love (in my life) part two

  1. Interesting video! I didn’t realize there was a role for power tools in bonsai. The result is certainly impressive. Good luck with your oak rescue. Twenty-six years ago, when we moved into this house, there was a 1 foot tall Garry oak a few inches from the house’s foundation — not a good place for what would become a huge tree. Garry oaks (also known as Oregon White Oak) are revered here, being native trees that are growing scarce due to dying and being cut down. So we dug up the sapling, including a 3 foot long root, and moved it to a better spot. It’s now more than 20 feet tall and produces acorns, some of which have sprouted, although those little trees are only a few inches tall as yet. Not a bonsai story, obviously, but our oak rescue was a success.

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