Careful Who You Kill

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Hello SErs. Harmony here. My current WIP is the first time I’ve written first draft without doing any editing. None at all. At first, I found it tough. But by now, having reached near the end, I’ve seen how useful it can be … even a life saver.

Early on, a character called Jenny popped up unexpectedly. I hadn’t plotted or planned for her, but there she was all the same. And then, a short while later, I killed her off. By the time I got to the middle of the novel and read back over what had gone before, I realised that this minor character had come on stage only to leave abruptly. With no role. No purpose that I could see.

Umm …

In my previous modus operandi, I would have written her out of existence, killing her off for real. She wouldn’t have been in the finished…

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