The Ancient Streets of London for #Willow Poetry…


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Photo prompt June 4 to June 10, 2019:

Image by Willow Poetry


The ancient streets of London, under a full moon

A story old as time was playing out of the feline variety

Lola, a beautiful white Persian had fallen for the ginger tom cat

Whose master had once called him Phillip

Before moving away, leaving him on the streets

Her father, having searched the rooftops

Found her on her own with the chocolates

Phillip had half inched from an open window

She sat, holding his tattered hat

He gave the lecture that so many fathers have done

Little knowing Phillip hung by his claws from the gutter.

Should he take note of these very words coming from her father

That she will end up in the gutter should she continue the courtship

Phillip had washed and pressed his best tie

Worn his only hat which she now clutches

He hangs from the gutter feeling like a criminal

He has no home and lives in the dark alleys of London

He cannot ask her to do the same

Her father is right, she deserves better

With her father’s words ringing in his ear

He wondered, could he find a good place to call home

Elope with his beloved Lola

He heard her say, “Father, I will follow Phillip anywhere.

He will look after me. Love finds a way.”

Phillip had the answer his heart wanted to hear

From the lips of one who loved him…



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