#Jaye’s Journal – Week 23

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The dust has just settled after one of the most terrifying and frustrating weeks ever.

Over the weekend, I finished transferring data to the new PC and I was feeling rather pleased with myself. Windows 10, far from being the elephant in the room, has been rather kind to me. Helpful, reasonable, and dare I say it, fairly uncomplicated.

There were a few things I had to Google for a better insight, but nothing like I was expecting.

Of course, it is always possible that am a tad more intelligent than when I tried to cope with Windows 8 all those years ago, but I don’t think so.

Mind you, they have had plenty of time to iron out all the things that have been giving people grief since the launch.

So, my life can now return to normal, no worries, back to the editing. Earplugs in and favourite music selected…

There is life after Windows 10 after all…

I should have known that something would trot into my life and burst my bubble!

I read an interesting post by Kristen Lamb where she said that fiction is about one thing and one thing only – problems!

Apparently, we must be cruel to everyone… smash all their hopes and dreams.

She went on to say that stories are about flawed people, which made me think.

Is my latest WIP too nice?

After a lot more thinking I had to admit that maybe my characters weren’t suffering enough. I mean, this story is supposed to be a crime thriller, but not very thrilling. I had even included a sweet love story. What was I thinking?

Admittedly, my main character, detective David Mallory, did have some serious problems and my killer was mean, but the rest of it? Far too nice.

Time to mean it up a bit, or a lot.

And I have the feeling I will enjoy doing it!

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  1. Ahhh Windows 10 tried at the beginning and soon uninstalled it…Maybe now its time to try again as I need a new laptop and they all come with Windows 10…Good luck with getting mean 🙂

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