Evening serenade


Hubby and I have just got back from walking the dog and have been serenaded all the way.
It is an extremely beautiful sound which cheers the soul and warms the heart.
What am I talking about?
Bird song.

Blackbirds to be precise.

Photos: Blackbird in tree in the original Avenue, May 2016

There is a blackbird that sits on the TV aerial of the house behind us and sings his heart out every day. This can be anytime from 3am onwards but we do not find it intrusive.
Tonight he was there as usual singing away and we could hear a response, so naturally tried to locate it.
At the front of our property, there is a lamppost and telegraph pole a little further down the road where there was another blackbird answering his call. But he was not the only one, as in the little Close directly opposite…

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