Smorgasbord Health Column – Cholesterol and Fat Myths Part Two, Vitamin K2 and Healthy Fats by Sally Cronin

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Last week  I explained how cholesterol was essential for a number of functions in the body and that dropping levels too low could impact the balance of hormones and also brain function. I also shared the latest research on the effectiveness of Statins on cholesterol levels for a large percentage of patients who are prescribed it.

You can find the previous post on Cholesterol here:

Today I wanted to focus on fats which also play a massive role in the balance of LDL– Low density lipoprotein (potentially unhealthy cholesterol) and HDL– High density lipoprotein (healthy cholesterol).

It can be tricky because the good fats are fairly easy to spot but the harmful fats tend to be hidden and disguised in the packaged and processed foods we buy. Responsible manufacturers have mainly moved away from using the highly toxic ‘trans fats’ but unfortunately the cheaper your processed family…

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