A Strange New World

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A Strange New World

A Strange New World

Pixabay image by Natan Vance


I decided to have a go at writing a short story. This is my first short story ever and response to D. Wallace Peach’s March speculative fiction prompt. The guidelines can be found in the link above which are to write a poem, story or anything that you want based on the Pixaby image. There are no word limits or style restrictions, but Diana asks that we keep it family friendly. Write and post your response, then link back to her original post.


Walking down the boulevard of what was once our thriving neighborhood, I feel my heart pounding. Each doorway, shadow, and alley represents the chance of an unpleasant encounter of the strange kind. Ever since the shadow walkers arrived, New York hasn’t been the same. We hear whispers of the same thing happening across the country. There…

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