“The Transformation,” #flashfiction

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This week, we are to write about a bucket of water. I’m a bit out of practice, but hopefully this story will resonate with you.

Image by Martin Klinge from Pixabay

The Transformation

I stared into the bucket of water expecting to see my own
image stare back at me. Instead, the image of a Rusalka water nymph wavered within
the watery depths. Her eyes glinted with green fire and her golden hair drifted
around her shoulders.

She slipped from the water and stood before me clothed only
in the gray mists that circled the banks of the river.

“Come, friend. I’ll show you the way.”

“The way?”

“You died before your time, and now you’ve transformed into
a Rusalka water nymph.”

“I’m dead?”

“Of course. You belong to the river now.”

© 2019 Colleen M. Chesebro

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