Smorgasbord Short Stories – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – My Mouse by Sally Cronin

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Charli Mills lives in a remote finger of land that juts up into Lake Superior, that has been experiencing very deep snowfalls. This inevitably is going to lead to a spring melt that could well threaten many of the homes in the area.. In her Challenge post, this week she shares the efforts of the local residents to influence the efforts of the council to carry out preventative measures.

This week Charli has set the subject of ‘A mouse’ as the prompt for the flash fiction.. and here is my response….

My Mouse

I am extremely attached to my mouse, small and demanding at times, but I need a muse that is easy to maintain, and doesn’t demand three walks a day and half my dinner. It sits quietly by my side, observing my every move, and eager to be handled at every opportunity. I have owned several mice in…

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