I was held in silence by the sound of a heartbeat

Until my own beat in time with the other

Her voice caressed my inner senses

awakening thoughts, memories.

I should know the face, the body

that belongs to the heartbeat.

But the memory would not come,

I need to hear her voice again.

The only sound I heard was a bell

chiming, a soft metallic sound

My legs began moving of their own

accord towards a tall tower.

The stained glass window lit from within

reflecting rainbow colours across the land before me

The window opened, her face appeared

My very own Rapunzel, made from silver dancing lights

Was she real, trapped by some spell

waiting for someone to touch to bring her into form.

Could I climb the tower, claim my prize?

Would her heart beat in time with mine?


3 thoughts on “Heartbeat…

  1. Heartbeats and towers! You can’t go far wrong with that combo. Very haunting “The memory would not come.” Personally speaking, I think each piece you do is becoming better too. Really enjoyed this one.

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