When cats go bad… #humor #politics #cats

Barb Taub

There was a story this week about the Los Angeles City Hall’s rat infestation. In addition to the irresistible conflation of rats and politicians, the LA Times pointed out that Los Angeles is experiencing a typhus outbreak, probably spread by the rats and their fleas. Seems the FBI is also investigating (at least the political side of the infestation), while others are calling for immediate action.

[I’m really, really trying to avoid fat cat/politician/rat jokes, but it’s just so hard…]    Oddly, nobody has proposed importing cats into City Hall. Of course, cats are now recognized as the premier predators on the planet, so I get how the politicians might be wary of the competition. Myself, I’ve always liked cats, and have personally been owned by several. But I couldn’t help remembering this post from some years ago…

When cats go bad…

I was sitting in the hospital emergency…

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