What Can I Do To Encourage And Support Fan Reviewers?


The skills needed for writing good reviews are different than the skills needed for writing good fiction. That is not to say that some people can’t have both sets of skills, but rather than being good at one does not make one good at the other.

I am in a case in point. I am not good at writing reviews. My focus is too tight and my approach is too disorganized–I can give you a couple of thousand words on why, say, the motif of clown of avatar of disorder is the central theme of The Dark Knight without ever bothering to discuss the qualities of the film as a film. I tend to fixate on one part of a work–either positively or negatively–and dissect it in detail while ignoring everything else.

That’s not what a well-written review does. A well-written review tells potential readers a) the general level of…

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