Smorgasbord Health Column – New statistics on #surgery recovery that are shocking and preparing for an operation.

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I have known about the risks of surgery for many years and have experienced them first hand with my mother. Her original hip replacement at 72 failed in her late 80s requiring a replacement. It was painful from the time she came home and after six months it dislocated and she was rushed to hospital to have a new and larger ball put into the socket.

This was one of the headlines this week that makes for shocking reading, but to be honest it is not all that surprising. Yes there are botched operations, mainly in the seemingly unregulated cosmetic industry, but many surgeries are emergency interventions in life-threatening circumstances.

This means that people are already ill, are likely to have compromised immune systems, are suffering from loss of blood after injuries or are very young or very elderly and therefore vulnerable. That makes life-saving surgery all the more…

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