Darkness… #Poetry




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How can I speak of a time of darkness?

My soul is not yet born

It waits for the light to bring the world into being

To build oceans, land, and people.

Then I can take my turn on this planet

I am still waiting, remembering the dark place

The cackling voices whispering

Of a time before the darkness

When fate was hidden from man

Given and taken by an invisible presence

How man can have more than

One fate thrust upon him.

How luck can be thrown

Like a handful of sand on the wind

Letting it fall where it will.

How some are born with extra luck

Without the help of scattered winds.

How the soul can be destroyed

Leaving an empty space

For the darkness to grow.

For cruelty to make its voice heard

Before I was pushed into being

I heard the whisper, the secret, the key

To make your life the way you want it

All I have to now is remember as I grow.

Time has a way of taking what thoughts it will

The way some dreams fade come morning.

Do they journey back to their original place

Are they gathered up, sent out and used again?

Does this account for dreams repeating?

Is the source of all things running low

On all kinds of material?

Is that why so many people feel

Their lives are the wrong way around?

That they do not belong.

Can I change it, did I hear the secret right?

Would I remember how to

Drive away sadness, despair

Bring the light where it is needed

Keep the darkness where it belongs…


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