What Everyone Seems to be Doing in 2019

Stevie Turner

There’s one word that sums it all up.  It’s a word that I learned from the pain medicine nurses back in 2006 regarding patients that come up with every excuse under the sun why they cannot diet or do any exercise.  What’s the word?  It’s…


Ankles or knees might give way if the patient ventures out of their armchair.  Their glands might explode, or sudden unfamiliar movement might send them into a diabetic coma…

It’s not only pain patients that catastrophise.  Look at some of the catastrophic scenarios on the daily news bulletins about another word that I’m heartily sick of… Brexit:

  • The price of goods might go up in the shops.
  • It might be harder to acquire medications (stockpiles are already being assembled).
  • There might be queues at borders due to heightened customs and passport checks.
  • Flights to the EU might be grounded.

And it doesn’t…

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