#Jaye’s Journal; January 2019




As I am still battling germs and feel like a wreck, I will not be running out our resolutions just yet. Although I am struggling to do the daily necessities, never mind anything more adventurous, my eyes keep drifting to that corner of my desk where my WIP lives and I feel really guilty. I shouldn’t before you all say so because it was hardly my fault that last year was a bit like wading through manure. I was being polite there, did you notice?

I tried, but it was a no-go zone from start to finish. They say not to blame yourself when life gets in the way, but it’s hard not to when you are usually better at dodging the bullets and fielding trouble away. I think the only productive thing I did all year was write nearly 60.000 words of PayBack, my WIP.

Anita has been doing well with her poetry, and recently won Poet of the Week with her Double Nonet poem “Broken Ground” for Colleen’s Poetry CHALLENGE



Some of our trying must have registered somewhere, as the stats on our blog show a remarkable improvement. I don’t understand how or why, which is a shame, for we could do more of whatever it was.

2018 stats.png

My brain is on notice to pull itself together and to prepare for battle, as this year is going to be special and I already have a list of possibilities that I want to explore, learn and implement.

Smashwords, Amazon or D2Digital?

Years ago, we had all of our books on Smashwords. We had to opt out of Amazon’s exclusivity to do it, but at the time, we thought having all of our eggs in one basket was a little silly.

Actually managing to put our books on Smashwords was an art in itself and almost impossible, or at least it was for me but I was a newbie back then and didn’t know my arse from my elbow!

Just lately, I have noticed that Smashwords has been promoting themselves quite a lot, probably because Amazon is reported to be losing popularity.

I started wondering if we should go back there. After all, because we are also on D2Digital now, we have already lost the advantage Amazon offers.

I would love to know how many authors are starting to spread their nets further afield, and what they think about it.


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  1. I hope you feel all the way better soon.

    I have yet to figure out smashwords or D2Digital (I haven’t heard of that one, or if I have, it was fleeting.) I stopped doing exclusivity with Amazon a while back as it never helped me. However, I did go ahead the last month or so and put a couple of my little books back in it just to see what would happen. I do nearly all of my business with Amazon. I do nearly all my reading there, too. But I did get a nice tiny, but a bigger tiny payment from BN that one time.

    Oh, also. I have my books on Kobo, which is supposed to be working with Walmart to sell books now. This happened in the last fewish months. I put my stuff on Kobo because I could list the first perma free and they were good with a series. I haven’t made any money from them, but I did get a review. I’m very much in the peanuts section of this, so one was exciting.

    Rest and feel better and don’t feel guilty. (I so get you on that.)

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  2. Many author-bloggers I read seem to cleave to Amazon exclusively. This gives them maximum exposure there, with the benefits of KDP Select and KU. Others reason that its safer to “go wide,” and some do so on principle, because they don’t like Amazon’s rules. I started out with Smashwords and feel some loyalty to them. They are certainly more approachable and friendly than Amazon. Downsides (to some) are the “meatgrinder” and the fact that the ebook stores they distribute to (B&N, Kobo, Apple, and a bunch of smaller ones) lack the customer-pleasing features of Amazon. Authors who aren’t total Amazon devotees may wish to sell their books through both Amazon and Smashwords OR D2D. That way, you can selectively dip into KDP Select with one or two books at a time (after removing them from the other platform, of course). As for D2D or Smashwords, I haven’t used D2D, although I’ve heard their book creation process is easier, with templates that add decorative features to your book. Generally speaking, though, there seem to be more and more books (don’t forget, ebooks are “immortal”) and fewer readers, so the advice is to lower our expectations yet again. You can find Smashwords CEO Mark Coker’s predictions for 2019 here: http://blog.smashwords.com/2018/12/2019-book-industry-predictions.html

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  3. Amazon isn’t actively pursuing new (sales) markets globally. As a company, it’s almost shifted from the ‘growth’ stage to the ‘maturity’ stage and is focusing on growing it’s corporate portfolio, (to cash in on all the data its sales generate) through behind-the-scenes technologies. Which means that, direct competition to the Zon will start to pick up, and that all the tasty overseas markets it’s eschewing are being deliberately targeted by companies such as Smashwords. Not that the Zon isn’t still the biggest player in town but the goalposts are shifting and taking advantage of every market we can get our books into seems like a smart business move. 😀

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