Building on a Theme

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Happy last day of November, SEers! We’re doing something a little different on Story Empire today. We’ve chosen one word to use as a theme and are sharing a few short sentences built around that word from one of our books. Our theme word is “Tree.”

Pretty basic, right? But it can appear in so many different ways—from a sparkly holiday tree to a twisted skeleton in a dark forest, or a leafy giant in the full bloom of spring. Maybe the trunk bears the initials of young lovers, or odd territorial markings from a hidden tribe tucked deep in a jungle.

How have you used “tree” in your own works? Feel free to share in the comments below. In the meantime, here are a few treats from Story Empire.

Book cover of Food for Poe by Mae Clair shows attractive young couple, a black cat and Christmas ornaments Mae here, kicking things off with two lines from my Christmas novella, Food for Poe.

Breck led her into…

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