On the perfidy of alarm clocks…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The alarm on my phone drags me from sleep. I lean over, grab the offender and slide the snooze button. That gives me ten minutes to get moving. I snuggle down instead, my head still pounding. Overwarm, my feet seek the cold morning air… the heating won’t be on yet, but I am wide awake after the fairly early night. The first weak glimmer of light casts dim shadows through the pale curtains. I should move… and I need coffee.

Swinging myself upright, I apply yet another tissue to a nose that would already give Rudolph a run for his money. My feet find strategically placed slippers as I don the dressing gown. It is still dark as I wander into the kitchen and flick the switch on the kettle. I do not turn on the lights… I can see enough and the assault on my eyeballs can be delayed…

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