How To Keep Your Relationship Alive Whilst Your Beloved Is Taking Part In NaNoWriMo ❤️ #SundayBlogShare #NaNoWriMo18 #NaNoWriMo


Has your beloved entered NaNoWriMo?

Did they cheerfully announce at the dinner table, last week, after demolishing your cheese board, that for the month of November they are going to be enjoying themselves, by writing 50,000 words?

On the 1st November, did you watch your beloved strap themselves to their writing chair, set up a device, which gives out small electric shots, if movement is detected and mutter, ‘if I physically tie myself to the chair and administer electric shots for when I try to wander off…..there might be a small glimmer of hope for me,’ ? 

Have you noticed a significant change in your beloved since the start of November? Are they ACTUALLY writing something?

Your loved one has entered NaNoWriMo, a marvellous writing contest, which starts on the 1st of November. By the end of November your writer has to have hammered out 50,000 words!

In view of…

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