Review of the Film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Stevie Turner

Everyone by now must know Freddie Mercury’s story, so there’s no worries of giving away any spoilers.  This film is a ‘must see’ for any Queen fans.  It takes us back to the band’s beginning – how they formed from the band ‘Smile’, where Roger and Brian were playing pub/university gigs, and how Freddie took over when the singer decamped to join another group.

The four lookalike Queen members are very convincing as their original counterparts, although I did think Rami Malek’s (Freddie) teeth were a little over the top.  Apparently Freddie was born with 4 incisors which I learned gave him a bigger mouth and a wider vocal range.  Of course he was lip-synching, but not many people can sing like Freddie!

As their fame grew, Freddie left his erstwhile fiancée Mary Austin, announcing he was ‘bisexual’.  However, he still wanted her near him, and so she agreed to…

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