Not just the wind that blows.


I am really fed up, but in the fed up stakes, Hubby has it by a mile.
It is two weeks since we went to A&E after Hubby’s mishap with the wrong meds.
A fortnight since an old lady came into the 24/7 out of hours surgery with a stinking cold, sat down, and infected every breathing soul in the room.

They say three days to get it, three days to have it, three days to get rid of it.
What a load of
Three days to get it.
It liked it here and made itself at home.
After my day 3, Hubby started to go down with it.
Three days to get it.
Mr Cold decided to join the wife and stay for a vacation.

It arrived, took up what feels like permanent residence, and so far the scores on the doors are one and a half jars of…

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