Halloween Starts here!


No Name

In a graveyard on a hill

Stands a stone no name engraved

Beneath the cold black earth

To those who pass, a voice is heard

Carve my name upon the stone

To let all know who lies beneath

This cold forgotten land you tread

Flowers all around, yet not for me

No one visits, alone I wait

To be remembered, for time to reinstate

Find the stonemason before it is too late

My spirit fades back to dust

With no name upon my stone

No gate will open, no place to call my home…

©Anita Dawes


Love Returns

Spirits come from far and wide

One hour left to play

Some have come with evil thoughts

Others to seek out friends

To write their message on the wall

Don’t give your heart to Tom

He is only here to take

Love lives not within his heart

Your loving daughter passed this way…

©Anita Dawes

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