What is your favorite setting for a novel?

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Happy Friday, SEers. You’re with Mae today as I trot out the Story Empire Friday Question post:

What is your favorite setting for a novel?

That special “something” that sucks you in like no other element. As an example, my favorite settings cover a broad realm. I’m especially fond of  small towns, coastal settings, old creepy homes, Victorian London, and the late 1800s (yes, I’m going to count time periods, too). But there is one setting I find almost impossible to resist.

Build a novel around a carnival and it’s almost certain I will buy the book.

white carnival horse on a lighted merry-go-round

I’ve been in love with carnival settings (especially mysterious ones) since reading Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes as a teenager. As an adult, I still love going to a carnival, fair, or May Day celebration—all things that take me back to the magical whimsy of childhood.

What is your favorite setting?…

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