When Problems Pale…

Problems do seem pale into insignificance when seen from another viewpoint, don’t they?

I awoke this morning with the usual Friday feeling. Then I happened to watch some of the breakfast news on TV, not something I do very often as it usually depresses me. Today turned out to be worse than usual. It was far too early in the day for such worldwide confusion and I really wish I had been writing my book instead.

The human race seems to be doing its utmost to ruin everything it touches and I don’t understand it. It’s as if we don’t care and I am sure that most of us do. None of the people who are in charge (politicians and world leaders alike) seem to think logically anymore (if they ever did!)
People have said that we are ‘going to hell in a handcart’ but they are wrong. The vehicle we are travelling in has a supercharged engine and will get us there in no time at all!

Seen from space, our world is a really beautiful place. A stark contrast to the scenes of anger and poverty that most of us see every day.
We should be taking better care of our planet, as we wouldn’t dream of wrecking our own des res, now would we?
Enough of all that. I said that I shouldn’t watch the news, so now you know what happens when I do.

I have been working hard trying to finish my WIP, PayBack, and for once my characters are not talking to me at all. I fear this may be bad news, for I already know that editing this book will be hard, if not downright impossible. The thought that I may have bitten off more than I can chew comes to mind. Coupled with wondering if I have lost the plot!

I have a very sneaky feeling that I have made this one far too complicated, resulting in one hell of a tangle. None of this makes me want to finish it, but I know I must. If I can find where I have put my eternal optimism, there could be a diamond nestling among the dross. Pretty sure there is, for I distinctly remember some really good chapters…

Jaye signing off…

4 thoughts on “When Problems Pale…

  1. Editing is its own world, sometimes. I found that there can be things that flow and things that stall and tell me that I need to fill up information or cut out superfluous information or just re-think some of the plot or events. I know many people find it tedious, even depressing. At times it can be tedious for me, too, but for the most part I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy writing a first draft. It is when I feel I truly ‘get to know’ my characters. Is that odd? …
    As for the world … I think history shows us that there were many times we’d done harm to this planet and to humanity. It is always at a cost that is difficult to compute, and it can’t have been any easier living through other times of genocide, war, terror, and ugliness. I wish humanity had evolved sufficiently to live above those made up borders and ego-trips, but I still hope that soon we shall, for I look at the young ones and I see many strong and tolerant people who are way more capable at looking at the bigger picture of this planet than many of the dinosaurs who are still in charge.
    And … I try to not do news before breakfast. My self-care thing … Have a lovely! Na’ama

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