Thursday photo prompt: Fall #writephoto – The Keeper of the Falls



The cascading water splashed onto the rocks below creating a washing sound as if each droplet hitting the boulders performed a cleansing leaving the surfaces purified.

The keeper of the falls looked down from his vantage point watching the water run from the rocks and disappear into the bush.

Reaching down he ran his hands through the water as it passed him before plunging down. He felt its cold, the refreshing sensation of the icy liquid cleansing his soul of the hardships he suffered when the seasons let him down and there was nothing but him and the odd pool to remind him of what once was.

The rains had brought him a sense of salvation, not only in the form of a now gushing stream but with an active fall came people. He liked to see people gather at the foot of the fall, they came in all shapes…

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