Iain Kelly

The car swept him through the city.

As he looked out he saw the city he had built. The banks, the hotels, the casinos – he owned a piece of all of them. An empire that seemed impregnable. An empire that could no longer protect him.

He thought back. That weekend in the country. Meeting some ‘potential investors.’

Dangling over the rock edge, held only by the scruff of his jacket, he was given a choice. ‘Let us in, take our money, use our protection and together we can make lots of money. Or, we drop you.’

The waterfall thundered below him. He nodded his head. The rough hands pulled him back up. But in truth that had been the beginning of his fall.

And now he had reached the bottom. The car drew up outside the courthouse. The guard put a blanket over the metal cuffs. Federal agents swung…

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