#FlashFiction: ST.PETER


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Image by Pixabay.com


In the dream, I was standing in front of St.Peter who was holding the keys to the pearly gates.

As I stood in front of him, I thought what a lousy job, did he ever get to go inside?

I wondered about the shadow behind him. St.Peter held his head to one side, as though listening to someone whispering in his ear.

Was the devil standing behind him?

I was hoping it might be, telling him, “You can’t let this one in. You have to send him back, for he has more work to do.”

In my head, I could hear myself pleading. “Yes please, send me back to work…”

It was something I hated, as it took up too much of my day.

St.Peter looked at me for the longest time. I was trying to tell him that I was only 24 and that I could do better.

The shadow stood beside me now, whispering. The words were too fast. I couldn’t understand him. Before I could ask who was speaking or what they were saying, my alarm went off.

For the first time in my life, I was glad to be going to work, but I spent the morning wishing I could remember what the shadow had been trying to tell me. I ended up deciding it was no more than gibberish, dream speak.

But I spent the rest of the day hoping that was true…

Anita Dawes

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