Broken Life…



I am eighteen and my life is broken

I need a new one. With no idea how

Or where to find one. Some would say

I am too young to give up on life.

They would feel the same if they had

A hundred lifetimes stuck inside their heads

Their voices, their faces swirl around like a cyclone

All vying for attention, needing to be heard

To be remembered. There is one girl

That shows up more often than the others.

She looks like me, could almost be a twin

All but for the scar on her chin.

Riding home on my bike from college, I hit a small pothole

 I flew over the handlebars and landed flat on my face.

Helped up by a passing stranger,

Who gave me a hanky for the blood dripping from my chin.

Walking the rest of the way home, I realised

I could no longer hear the voices in my head

They were all gone. I was the only one left

I felt ready to begin my life again…


Anita Dawes

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